All of life is a balancing act.

In the best of times, so many of us are just one major event away from falling off the balance beam. Boston BullPen Project is committed to reaching out a supportive hand in moments where help can mean the difference between finding steady footing or falling from the beam.

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Critical Need

“Too often in a pursuit of education, careers, and the outcomes many of us desire, we forget or simply can’t understand the short-term challenges that many people face today, that if not dealt with, will prevent tomorrow. Whether it’s first and last month’s rent, a utility bill that’s more than expected, or a blown tire, these seemingly acute problems can create a host of chronic challenges and a mountain of debt and financial problems that become nearly impossible to overcome. Boston BullPen fills a critical, and often overlooked need, as they allow people to stay on track for long-term success by handling those acute challenges of today.”

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– Dr. Jim O’Connell, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program

Life-Changing Support

“The people served by Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program experience incredibly complex and urgent needs, and the Bullpen Project is always right alongside us in our work, stepping up to help us solve incredibly difficult challenges quickly and with compassion and understanding. You provide lifesaving and life-changing support, often stepping in when there is nowhere else to turn. For your partnership and for the profound impact you have on the lives of the people we serve, we truly cannot thank you enough.”

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– Alexa, The Haven Project

Bright Future

“Dear Boston Bullpen, I am writing to you today to express my joy and gratitude for your kind gesture of providing me with a laptop. This gift will not only help me with my first year of college at Salem State University, as well as help pave the way for my future and many others as well. My goal after graduating college is to pursue a career in the art therapy field to help children with trauma by bringing therapy and art together. Thank you for helping me be able to provide a bright future for myself as well as all the people I hope to help and impact the way you have been able to do for me today. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity you are providing me. I know we do not know each other personally, yet I will not let you down. Soon I will be able to also impact the lives of many others as The Boston Bullpen and The Haven Project have for me.

I promise to make my mark in this world and give back to others in many communities of all kinds. I once went from being a lost teenage girl who had little to zero support, to now having a whole village cheering me on who actually believes in my abilities and me. One day I will do the same in honor of this village that took me under their wing and helped provide me with a bright future, saving me from a darkened past. Leading me to believe in not only myself but how much I’m actually capable of. I’m finally able to admit there is in fact a light at the end of the tunnel.

So, again Thank you, you will never know how much this means to me. There are no words. I am thankful and excited to see what is in store for what’s to come from this.”

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"It is beyond amazing that the Boston BullPen can react so quickly. It makes such a huge difference to people. Thank you for everything you and the fund do each and every day."

- Lora Tarlin, JF&CS

“I want to thank Bullpen for the help that I received with the deposit on my new apartment. I waited 6 years to get an apartment, and when the time came I was struggling financially. I want to thank you guys for the help because my two girls and I have a home. Once again thank you so much!”

- Keyla, Duet

“Thank you so much for this computer. My daughter can now do her schoolwork from home more easily, since her school is still holding classes remotely. Before we got this computer, all we had was my phone, and my daughter could not do her classes or her schoolwork on that phone.”

- Becca, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center

“I was so worried about how I would visit my son when he moves to a pediatric skilled nursing facility and be almost an hour away from me. I prayed every day that God would help me find a way to visit my son. He answered my prayers when BullPen sent me Uber gift cards. I could never afford on my own what they gave me. I am so grateful for this help and wish many blessings to those who helped me.”

- Marie, Franciscan Children’s Hospital

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Boston BullPen Project Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, with an IRS ruling year of 2017, and donations are tax-deductible.

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We can all make a difference.